why us

Onfleek-Travel is a young and energetic company where we pursuit to go beyond traveling. Our goal is to offer life experiences, not only in Sevilla with the activities we organize but also during our excursions and weekend trips to Morocco, Portugal or anywhere around the world. At Onfleek-Travel we are committed to offering fun, affordable, and the most important thing, safe trips. A professional and personalized service. We'll pay attention to all your needs and we'll do our best to make you feel like family because we understand that there's nothing better than traveling in trust. You'll enjoy, learn, meet people and you'll create lifetime memories with us.

At Onfleek-Travel we are in constant development, always trying to improve our trips and activities for you to have the best experience and the chance to learn something new in a fun way and with no worries at all submerging ourselves in new cultures.

By our specialization

By our reliability

By our experience

By our accompanying local guides

Our Team

Onfleek-Travel was born in Sevilla with a goal, to offer an unfogettable experience to local students and students abroad. Thanks to our experienced team, this is posible, they give their best in every trip, excursion or activity. The most important thing for us, is that the client feels like he or she can count on us at anytime.

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After you sign up for any trip, you will be able to login to the Onfleek website and check the status of your trip.

What we offer you
Onfleek is not about visiting the touristy spots. Onfleek is about living a real experience, is about learning and enjoying from other cultures. We'll make of your trip an unforgettable journey.