onfleek travel

About us

We are a young family of enthusiastic travellers determined to offer unique travel experiences through a social travel mindset. We are currently based in Sevilla, on Calle Bartolomé de Medina.

We believe that traveling should be all about the true experience when you arrive at a destination, so we offer loads of authentic and engaging activities to make it memorable, such as unique dinings, tours from natives, and nightlife typical of those from the area.

Our youthful and experienced team is driven by enthusiasm and excellence in our services, and our entire international team is not only well trained in offering amazing services, but also in capturing those experiences with photographs to provide you with lifelong memories.

We sort out all the stressful parts of traveling that nobody wants to deal with, like accommodations, transportation, and activities, leaving you with a once in a lifetime travel experience you wouldn’t be able to plan on your own. All you have to do is relax and have a great time while we take care of everything else.

As a new, small company, we are proud to say that we have received hundreds of excellent reviews on google and facebook with more than 500 travelers highlighting our assurance of safety and fun while experiencing one of our many trips.

Core values

    People first:

    We understand that in a saturated market, one needs to be constantly innovating to stand out from the competition. That is why we are always focused on the travelers’ needs and improving our excellent services based on the feedback we receive after each trip.

    Respect and Passion:

    This is a dream job for the travel enthusiast, so our entire team is committed to giving off the best vibes to the group at all times

    Learning and expanding our destinations:

    Even though we are a new and small company, our goal is to open new destinations for travellers to enjoy to the fullest.

    Every single moment counts!!!!

    We have a philosophy on making every single moment count. During a short trip, each moment is magnified, so we want to make sure everybody enjoys every second of the trip with us.


    We understand that traveling often brings unexpected situations and circumstances that are out of our control, like rain and third parties’ negligence. However, we are committed to always maintaining open communication between the coordinators and guides to keep travellers informed with possible changes in the itineraries.