Once you sign up and your reservation is processed you will receive your booking details by email. Enter your booking code in the ''My Booking'' in section of our website to download general information as well as the itinerary. The intinerary for the trip will be available for download one week prior to departure If you do not receive your booking details 72h after you submit your reservation please contact us!


Throughout the bus ride we make sure that our travelers are feeling comfortable. Each one of our group excursions includes round trip bus transportation with air-conditioning as well as music and movies to keep you entertained.


Our goal is to make sure that you are comfortable and happy with the person you are rooming with. When signing up for a trip we give you the option to request different friends who you wish to room with. Those who do not wish to request a roommate will be placed accordingly.

Hotels, Restaurants and Bars

Our meeting point for every trip is at the Avenue Menendez Pelayo (next to Bike Center Seville in The Jardinez de Murillo and near of University of Seville) Please click here to view on Google Maps.


Our guides are all friendly and knowledgeable about each destination. They will go out of their way to assist you in any way that they can. Travelers are provided with guide’s phone, and we encouraged you to call should any problems arise. Throughout the trip guides are available 24 hours a day.


Each Onfleek offers guided tours of the area to give you a taste of the local culture and history. Each tour is accompanied by the Onfleek's guides as well as a local guide. On larger trips, tours are broken into smaller groups to ensure that you get the best and most personalized experience possible.