José Quintas

He is a Policeman in the city of Seville and recently earned a law degree. He is such a creative person, always sharing his ideas to the group. Quintas married in 2017 and had a beautiful baby a year ago. As a law enforcement official, he is always performing a vital service to the community by providing safety, a job that carries directly to trips as a trip leader. He has been successful in all aspects of his life due to his passion and love for others.

Raquel Ortiz

Raquel was born in the Canary Islands. She majored in Business Administration and earned her master’s degree in Event Management and Protocol. Not only she is the executive manager of the company, but she is also responsible of all the accounting operations. In addition, her entrepreneurial journey began in 2004, when she started a water sport company with her family. Her creative side includes making beautiful polymer clay crafts and wedding headdresses. Last but not least, she is also the trip coordinator. Let’s say she is the SUV of the company!

Pedro Romero

Pedro moved to the states when he was 14 years old to pursue a junior golf career and immersed himself in the American culture. He earned his high school diploma in Montverde Academy and earned a double bachelor’s degree in Flagler College, Florida, United States. He was also a member of the college golf team, NCAA II for two years. Today, he is directing his professional career to sales and marketing where he is pursuing a digital marketing postgraduate degree in La Universidad de Sevilla. He spends all of his free time practicing golf and soccer, as well as surfing in Portuguese beaches with his friends, not to mention his photography skills.

Álvaro Gayoso Aycart

He was born and raised in Sevilla. He founded his first company when he was just 16 years old and three years later he started a music band called Dakotas, where he was the guitarist and songwriter. He earned his bachelor's degree in public relations and advertisement. Right after his graduation he moved to Australia and travelled around Asia alone with just his camera. Álvaro is always pursuing new adventures! This creative mind is a nature lover and spends all of his free time surfing and practicing other sports, not to mention his skills as a photographer— a talent he puts into action on the trips he leads.

Natalia Ortiz

Borned and raised in Seville. She is a clinical laboratory technician and currently finishing her bachelor’s degree in psychology as well as her research internship in neuropsychology. She loves to sew, and last year she made her first flamenco dress! Her passions include nature and traveling; the more wild a place is, the more she loves it!

Álvaro Gallego Mas

He was born and raised in Cádiz. When he was 13 years old, he moved to United States for 5 years—3 years in Atlanta and 2 years in Miami. He played for the high school golf team in Miami and Atlanta and earned his high school diploma in the states. Later on, he moved back to Seville, Spain, where he is currently pursuing a public relations and advertising bachelor's degree. He is a sport enthusiast and spends all of his free time practicing new sports and travelling to different places. If traveling was free, you would see him in the moon!

Jesús Galán

This young man is one of the most energetic and positive people to be around. He is in the Commercial and Public Department of the company and always attentive of people’s need. His career highlights include an internship in Google, Silicon Valley, as well as his periodic travels to the USA with a work and travel visa. Today, he is learning computer programming and always open to new ideas related to the technology industry. He overcame a heart attack two years ago, and he recently ran a marathon—an accomplishment in itself! If you do not see him laughing you probably found the wrong guy!!!!